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It is possible to add the “Related Posts” output directly into your site’s PHP files.

The best approach is to use the PHP to include the shortcode inside a PHP snippet, as in this example below.

<?php echo do_shortcode("[taxopress_relatedposts id="1"]"); ?>

Legacy PHP Code #

There is also a legacy option allows you to make choices directly in the PHP code. This is the basic code snippet:

<?php st_related_posts(); ?>

Here are examples of how you can customize that basic code with more details:

'number' => 5,
'order' => 'count-desc',
'format' => 'list',
'include_page' => 'true',
'exclude_posts' => '',
'exclude_tags' => '',
'post_id' => '',
'except_wrap' => '55',
'limit_days' => '0',
'title' => __('<h4>Related posts</h4>', 'simpletags'),
'nopoststext' => __('No related posts.', 'simpletags'),
'dateformat' => $this->dateformat,
'xformat' => __('<a href="%post_permalink%" title="%post_title% (%post_date%)">%post_title%</a> (%post_comment%)', 'simpletags')

Here is an example of that legacy code in use. We want to show the first 10 related post without title, without pages and without comments count.

<?php st_related_posts('number=10&title=&include_page=false&xformat=<a href="%permalink%" title="%title% (%date%)">%title%</a>'); ?>

Here are all the legacy code parameters:

  • number
    • (integer) Number of posts to show
  • order
    • (string) Order posts sorting. Valid values are :
      • count-desc – (default) by number of common tags (most relevance)
      • count-asc – by number of common tags (less relevance)
      • date-desc – by publication’s date descending
      • date-asc – by publication’s date ascending
      • name-asc – by title ascending
      • name-desc – by title descending
      • random – random
  • format
    • (string) show tags as non ordered list UL/LI
      • flat – (Default) posts are separated with spaces
      • list – posts are inside non ordered lists containing class=’related_posts’
      • array -posts are inside a PHP array (use it with st_get_related_posts())
  • include_page
    • (boolean) “true” to add pages, “false” only for posts
  • exclude_posts
    • (string) Separate posts ID to exclude with commas
  • exclude_tags
    • (string) Separate tags ID to exclude with commas
  • post_id
    • (integer) Specified post ID for display related posts
  • except_wrap
    • (integer) Words number for excerpt.
  • limit_days
    • (string) Limit result with a max days
  • title
    • (string) Specify the positioned title before the list
  • nopoststext
    • (string) Specify the text to show when there is no related post
  • dateformat
    • (string) Specify the date format. Same format as PHP date function
  • xformat
    • (string) Extended links format. Available Markups :
      • post_date – Replaced by the date of the post
      • post_permalink – Replaced by the permalink of the link
      • post_title – Replaced by the title of the post
      • post_comment – Replaced by the comments count of the post
      • post_tagcount – Replaced by the number of common tags
      • post_id – Replaced by the ID of the post
      • post_relatedtags – Replaced by common tag list
      • post_excerpt – Replaced by post excerpt