How to Create Shopify Collections, But in in WooCommerce

Shopify is a rival eCommerce platform to WooCommerce. Many Shopify users rely on the “Collections” feature to sort and organize their content.

The Collections feature in Shopify allows merchants to organize their products into groups based on categories, tags, and other criteria. These collections make it easier for customers to navigate through a store helping them find products that match their interests or needs more efficiently.

Shopify has two types of Collections: manually and automatic. With the automatic Collections, if a product has a certain tag, it can be added to the Collection.

The TaxoPress plugin has a feature called “Linked Terms” that is similar to Shopify Collections.

“Linked Terms” is a feature in TaxoPress Pro that allows you to connect terms. When the main term is added to a post, the linked terms will be added also.

Let’s see an example of how this “Linked Terms” feature works.

In this screenshot below, we have three Product Categories in WooCommerce.

Product Categories WooCommerce
product categories

We also have three Product Tags. These are all related to the Product Category called “Shirts”, but without TaxoPress there’s no way to create that relationship.

Product Tags WooCommerce
product tags wcs

With TaxoPress Pro installed, I can edit the “Shirts” Product Category and add the three Product Tag as Linked Terms. This screenshot below shows the search box where you can find and add the Linked Terms.

Add Linked Terms in WooCommerce
add linked terms 1

Now when you create a new product, all you need to do is add the “Shirts” category, as in this screenshot below:

WooCommerce product category
add woocommerce product category

Click the “Update” button for your WooCommerce product and immediately afterwards the three Product Tags will be added.

Added WooCommerce Product Terms
linked terms add

Do More With TaxoPress Pro

TaxoPress Pro has a ton of extra features to help you organize your WordPress content. In addition to Linked Terms, you’ll find Synonyms which allows you to have multiple words associated with a single term. You can also use the Auto Terms feature to scan your content to add new, relevant terms. TaxoPress Pro also integrates with OpenAI and IBM Watson to analyze your content and suggest terms.

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