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has advanced features for organizing your site. The list of features in the Pro version is growing quickly and currently includes at least these:

  • Unlimited “Term Display” layouts
  • Unlimited “Terms for Current Post” layouts
  • Unlimited “Related Posts” layouts
  • Unlimited “Auto Links” setups

Schedule Auto Terms Processing

Auto Terms is a useful feature that automatically adds relevant terms to posts. Some TaxoPress users rely on Auto Terms to add terms to posts that are imported. Here are some typical requests: “I’m importing posts via the WordPress API and the auto tagging is not processing on those posts. Can I set this up […]

TaxoPress Pro Allows You to Add Terms on a Schedule

TaxoPress 3.4.2 is available now and it has some helpful improvements to the Auto Terms feature. Auto Terms can scan your content and automatically assign relevant terms. It can add relevant terms for Tags, Categories, WooCommerce Product Categories, or any other taxonomy you use. This image below shows how the Auto Terms feature works. The […]

TaxoPress Pro License Keys and Local Environments

You are welcome to use TaxoPress Pro on your localhost or development environments. No license key is needed for these environments. We love to see TaxoPress customers with test and staging environments and want to everything we can to encourage their use. If your URL matches any of these patterns, no license is needed: localhost10.0.0.0/8172.16.0.0/12192.168.0.0/16*.dev.*localdev.*staging.**.wpengine.com […]

TaxoPress License Keys and Multisite Networks

A single site license is all you need to use the TaxoPress Pro plugin on a WordPress multisite network. A WordPress multi-site network only has a single plugins directory, which is shared by all sites. So if a plugin is updated for one site, it is updated for all sites. For that reason, a single […]