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has advanced features for organizing your site. The list of features in the Pro version is growing quickly and currently includes at least these:

  • Unlimited “Term Display” layouts
  • Unlimited “Terms for Current Post” layouts
  • Unlimited “Related Posts” layouts
  • Unlimited “Auto Links” setups

TaxoPress Pro Refund Policy

We are happy to provide full refunds for TaxoPress customers. This applies to both new purchases and subscription renewals. There are two requirements for refunds: Refund requests must be within 30 days of the original purchase or the subscription renewal.To request a refund, please open a support ticket. If you are a new customer and […]

Automatically Create New Terms for bbPress Topics

TaxoPress has a feature which can analyze your content and automatically create new terms. This is very useful for anyone who creates a lot of content, such as community sites with bbPress.

This feature can work with any taxonomy and post type, including bbPress Topics. In this guide, I’ll show you how to automatically create “Topics Tags” for bbPress topics.

How to Schedule the Auto Terms Feature

Auto Terms is a TaxoPress feature that automatically adds relevant terms to posts. Some TaxoPress users rely on Auto Terms to add terms to posts that are imported. Here are some typical requests: “I’m importing posts via the WordPress API and the auto-tagging is not processing on those posts. Can I set this up using […]