Organize all your WordPress content with the TaxoPress plugins!

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Manage your taxonomies

With TaxoPress, you can create new taxonomies and edit all the settings for each taxonomy. You can assign taxonomies to different post types, change the admin area display, and much more.

Tag Clouds and Displays

With TaxoPress, you can show all the terms in one taxonomy. You can build dynamic tag clouds and lists with many configuration options. These displays work with any taxonomy and any post type.

Manage terms

TaxoPress has tools to help you manage terms on a busy site. You can quickly add, rename, remove, delete and even merge terms.

Automatically create terms from posts

TaxoPress can analyze your posts and automatically create relevant Tags and Categories.

Automatically suggest terms from posts

TaxoPress can use the Dandelion API and OpenCalais API to analyze your WordPress content and suggest terms that you can add to your post.

Link words to Tags

If you have a term called “WordPress”, the Auto Links feature will find any instances of “WordPress” in your content and add a link to the archive page for that tag.