Tag Groups

The Tag Groups plugin allows you to organize your WordPress taxonomy terms and show them in clouds, tabs, accordions, tables, lists and much more. You can customize your term displays with a huge number of options and use them in posts, pages, blocks, or shortcodes.

Show Terms in Advanced Tag Clouds

Tag Groups Pro is capable of displaying taxonomy terms in tag clouds with customization options like color, sort by popularity, WooCommerce, and more.

Show Terms in an Alphabetical Index

Tags Groups Free and Pro enable to you display terms in columns, sorted alphabetically by first letter.

Show Terms in an Accordion

Tag Groups Free and Pro allow you to show terms inside accordions, with tags are sorted into their groups.

Show Terms in Tabs

Tag Groups Free and Pro has a tag cloud feature where tags appear in tabs, sorted by groups.

Organize Terms into Groups

With Tag Groups you can organize terms and customize them with a huge number of options and use them in posts, pages, block, and more.

Filter Posts by Tag

Tag Groups allows your visitors to choose tags and immediately see posts that match their selection.

Show Terms in a List

Your Tags can appear in columns, sorted into groups. You can choose icons, themes, layouts and more to customize your list.

Custom Meta Boxes for Terms

Tag Groups allows you to replace the default “Tags” box with one that keeps your tags tidy and easy to use.

Tag Groups Pro

6 Shortcodes
5 Gutenberg Blocks
Accordion Tag Cloud
Alphabetical Tag Cloud
Alphabetical Tag Index
Tabbed Tag Cloud
Tag List
Custom Taxonomies
Backend Filters
Compatible with WPML

Tag Groups Pro

21 Pro Shortcodes
18 Pro Gutenberg Blocks
Tag Meta Box
Tag Clouds
Shuffle Box
Table Tag Cloud
Tag Cloud Search
Post List
Toggle Post Filter
Dynamic Post Filter

Tag Groups Pro

Multiple Groups Per Tag
User Permissions
Choose Default Groups
Integration with WooCommerce Attributes
Choose a Parent Group Level
No ads inside the plugin
Priority, personal support