Logtivity is the Activity Log That Can Track WordPress Taxonomy Changes

Logtivity is an awesome activity log that can track all your WordPress sites. This is a big advantage over normal WordPress plugins that must be configured and monitored site-by-site. Logtivity offers you the ability to easily monitor all your sites from a single dashboard.

One extra advantage for TaxoPress users is that Logtivity can track changes to your taxonomy terms. So if you’re using TaxoPress to organize your WordPress site, I’d recommend checking out Logtivity too.

Logtivity tracks changes to your taxonomy, including creating, updating, and deleting terms. This image below shows some of the types of log entries that Logtivity has for taxonomy terms: Term Created, Term Updated, and Term Deleted.

Logtivity term logs

These logs will be recorded no matter where you manage terms in WordPress:

  • You can edit individual posts and add your terms.
  • You can go to “Posts”, then “Tags” or “Categories” and the logs will be recorded.
  • You can use the “Manage Terms” screen in TaxoPress with features such as Delete terms, Delete unused terms, and Rename terms.

In the image below, I’ve used the “Manage Terms” screen to fix terms here on TaxoPress.com, and Logtivity’s activity logs recorded all the updates correctly.

Terms Created and Delete in the Logtivity Activity Log

This next image below shows the full details of the log entry for “Term Created”. The entries for “Term Updated” and “Term Deleted” will be very similar. This example below uses the Tags taxonomy, but Logtivity will support Categories, bbPress Topics, WooCommerce Product Categories, or any other type of taxonomy.

Logtivity detailed term log

Video Introduction to Logtivity

You Should Give Logtivity a Try

Logtivity is affordable and easy-to-use. The logs are hosted at Logtivity, so you never have to worry about the database becoming bloated on your WordPress site. You can monitor all the activity on all your sites for a few dollars per month.

Logtivity has pricing as low as $9 per month. You can be set up and start monitoring your websites in minutes. Click here to start recording your site activity today.

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