WooCommerce has taxonomies including Product Categories and Product Tags that allow you to organize, optimize, and showcase the items for sale on your WooCommerce site.

With the TaxoPress plugin you can build on WooCommerce Product Categories and Tags to launch powerful extra features such as Related Posts, Auto Terms, and Auto Links.

Change a Private Taxonomy to a Public Taxonomy in WordPress

In WordPress there are two types of taxonomy: public and private. A public taxonomy is designed to be seen and used by your site visitors. Some good examples of public taxonomies are Tags and Categories for WordPress posts, or Product Tags and Product Categories in WooCommerce. When you add terms to these taxonomies, you normally…

What are Tags in WordPress?

Here at TaxoPress, our plugins allow you to manage Tags, Categories and all your WordPress taxonomy terms. If that sentence doesn’t make sense to you, we’re here to help! Tags are a great tool for WordPress users. They can help you organize your site content and improve your site’s search engine optimization. By organizing your…

How to Choose Default Taxonomy Terms in WordPress

When you install a new WordPress site, there are two taxonomies (Categories and Tags) and one term (Uncategorized). Every WordPress post must have at least one category. By default, this required category is “Uncategorized”, but that name isn’t useful or relevant for most sites. So in this guide, we’ll show you how to replace “Uncategorized”….