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Tag: WooCommerce

WooCommerce has taxonomies including Product Categories and Product Tags that allow you to organize, optimize, and showcase the items for sale on your WooCommerce site.

With the TaxoPress plugin you can build on WooCommerce Product Categories and Tags to launch powerful extra features such as Related Posts, Auto Terms, and Auto Links.

Automatically Add New Terms

TaxoPress has a feature that can analyze your content and automatically add new terms. This will be very useful for anyone who creates a lot of content. Let’s see an example of how this new feature works. I’ve created a new post, using the text from the “About Us” page on When I publish […]

How to Schedule the Auto Terms Feature

Auto Terms is a TaxoPress feature that automatically adds relevant terms to posts. Some TaxoPress users rely on Auto Terms to add terms to posts that are imported. Here are some typical requests: “I’m importing posts via the WordPress API and the auto-tagging is not processing on those posts. Can I set this up using […]