The Auto Links feature in TaxoPress will automatically add links to your content.

If you have a term called “WordPress”, the Auto Links feature will find any instances of “WordPress” in your content and add links to the archive page for that term. This means that occurrences of “WordPress” will link to /tag/wordpress.

The Auto Links feature can be enabled by going to TaxoPress > Auto Links in your WordPress admin menu. On this screen, you will find one default example of “Auto Links”. You can edit this example to match the needs of your site.

The Auto Links area of the TaxoPress plugin

If Auto Links are enabled, they will work automatically. In the image below, my site has Tags called “WordPress” and “CMS”. Those phrases are automatically linked to the appropriate URLs: /tag/wordpress and also /tag/cms. This can be enabled for any taxonomy and any post type.

Two examples of the "Auto Links" feature at work