“Linked Terms” is a feature in TaxoPress Pro that allows you to connect terms. When the main term is added to a post, the linked terms will be added also.

For sites with a lot of terms, this feature makes it easier and quicker for your users to add the correct terms. For example, if you add the term “WordPress” to your posts, TaxoPress can automatically add Linked Terms that include “CMS”, “website”, and “website design”.

How to Use Linked Terms #

I’ll show you an example of how this Linked Terms feature works. Imagine you have four terms: “Apple”, “Honeycrisp”, “Red Delicious”, and “Golden Delicious”.

You can edit the “Apple” term, and select the other three terms as “Linked Terms”. In the image below, you can see I’ve added “Honeycrisp”, “Red Delicious”, and “Golden Delicious”. You can link terms across all the taxonomies on your site. For example, you can link a Tag to Category. Or you can link a WooCommerce Product Category to a WooCommerce Attribute.

Linked Terms in TaxoPress

Now, whenever the term “Apples” is added to a post, TaxoPress will automatically add the other terms too. In this screenshot, I’ve written a post about fruit and have added the term “Apples”.

Adding a single Linked Term in TaxoPress

When I save the post and refresh the page, all three Linked Terms have been added to the post:

TaxoPress automatically adds multiple Linked Terms

Linked Terms Screen #

There is a “Linked Terms” screen in TaxoPress Pro which makes it easy to manage these connections.

Linked Terms scree
new linked terms screen

This screen has several options for managing the relationships between Linked Terms:

  • Add main term to posts with Linked Term
  • Add Linked Term to post with main term
  • Delete Relationship
Linked Terms actions
linked term links