This guide will show you how to remove or deactivate taxonomies. You can find this by visiting the Taxonomies screen and editing a taxonomy.

You can not delete Tags and Categories because they are core features of WordPress. You also can not delete taxonomies from a third party plugin such as WooCommerce.

For Tags and Categories, you can only click “Deactivate Taxonomy”. You will see a message saying “Taxonomy has been successfully deactivated”.

You will then see a button saying “Re-activate Taxonomy”.

The "Deactivate Taxonomy" button

For any taxonomy that you created with TaxoPress, you will have the option to deactivate or delete the taxonomy.

The "Deactivate Taxonomy" and "Delete Taxonomy" buttons

If you click “Delete Taxonomy”, TaxoPress will ask to confirm your decision:

Box asking to confirm that you want to delete this.