The Related Posts feature in TaxoPress shows posts in a list format. You can modify the information in this format. You can see the default format in the screenshot below:

This format is controlled by the “Term link format” setting in TaxoPress > Related Posts > Advanced:

Here is the code that TaxoPress provides by default:

<a href="%post_permalink%" title="%post_title% (%post_date%)">%post_title%</a>

Here are the items you can see inside that code:

  • %post_permalink% The URL of the post
  • %post_title% The title of the post
  • %post_date% The date of the post (this shows inside a tooltip)

Here are other items you can choose to include:

  • %post_tagcount% The number of tags used by both posts
  • %post_comment% The number of comments on the post
  • %post_id% The ID of the post
  • %post_relatedtags% A list of tags used by both the current post and the related posts
  • %post_excerpt% The post excerpt