Stop Auto Links Adding Links to Elements

When using the Auto Links feature in TaxoPress, you may want to avoid adding links to some areas of your posts.

For example, some users don’t want to automatically add links to headings.

In the Free version of TaxoPress, the Auto Links feature allows you to skip some specified elements such as headings, “script”, “style”, “pre”, and “code”. Here’s how to stop Auto Links from adding links inside these elements:

  • Go to TaxoPress > Auto Links.
  • Edit an Auto Links entry and click the “Exceptions” tab.
  • Check the boxes for any elements you want to avoid.
Auto Links elements to skip

If you are using TaxoPress Pro, you are also able to add your own elements. Look for the “Element tag” box in the screenshot below. Enter the name of the HTML element, without the brackets. For example, enter “blockquote” and click the “Add” button.

Auto Links Element tag

You will now see your new element added to the list. You can check the box and the Auto Links feature will stop adding links to that element.

Auto Links new element to skip