Change the Format of Terms for Current Post

The “Terms for Current Post” feature in TaxoPress shows all the terms for the post you’re viewing. You can see an example in the screenshot below:

Terms for Current Post example

This format is controlled by a setting in TaxoPress > Terms for Current Post:

Terms for Current Post settings

Here is the code that TaxoPress provides by default:

<a href="%tag_link%" title="%tag_name%" %tag_rel%>%tag_name%</a>

Here are the items you can see inside that code:

  • %tag_link% – The URL of the tag
  • %tag_name% – The name of the tag
  • %tag_rel% – This provides rel tag markup (it creates rel="tag")

Here are more items you can add to change the format:

  • %tag_feed% – Replaced by the RSS tag link
  • %tag_id% – Replaced by the tag ID
  • %tag_name_attribute% – Replaced by the tag’s name, formatted for attribute HTML
  • %tag_technorati% – Replaced by Technorati tag link
  • %tag_flickr% – Replaced by Flickr tag link
  • %tag_delicious% – Replaced by Del.ici.ous tag link

You can also add HTML elements to this formatting. For example, this image below shows the HTML required to make a list with strong text:

Terms for Current Post link format

The settings you saw in the image above will produce the following output:

Terms for Current Post custom output