The Auto Terms feature in TaxoPress has several options that you can configure:

  • Auto Terms Limit: This controls the maximum number of terms that can be added to each post.
  • Target content: This option allows you to avoid adding extra terms if the post already has terms. For example, if this is unchecked, Auto Terms will add the term “Press” to a post if it finds the word “WordPress”.
  • Whole words: This option will force TaxoPress to look only for whole words. For example, if you leave this unchecked, TaxoPress will automatically add the term “Blog” if it finds the words “blogger” or “blogging”.
  • Hashtags: If this option is also enabled, you will be able to use the # symbol and still create terms. So if you use “#WordPress” in a post, TaxoPress will be able to automatically add a term “WordPress”.
  • Content statuses: You can choose to run the Auto Terms feature on unpublished or unpublished content.
  • Stop words: These are words that will never be added by the Auto Terms feature.
The Options tab