Auto Links Options

There are settings available for the Auto Links feature.

  • Go to “TaxoPress” and then “Auto Links” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Click “Edit” for one of your existing Auto Link or “Add New” to add a new Auto Link. In the screenshot below, I click on the “Edit” button of the default “Auto Link”:
Click "Add New" or "Edit"


These are the important settings for each example of Auto Links:

  • Title: This is only for your use in the WordPress admin area.
  • Taxonomy: Choose which taxonomy terms will be linked.
  • Auto Link case: This enables you to be consistent in your use of uppercase and lowercase.
  • Auto Link areas: Choose which areas of the content will have links.
  • Auto Link title attribute: This will appear when users hover over links.
  • Auto Links for unattached terms. By default, TaxoPress will only add Auto Links for terms that are attached to the post. If this box is checked, TaxoPress will add links for all terms.
  • Don’t add links for attached terms: Don’t add Auto Links if the term is already attached to the post.
The "General" tab of the "Auto Links" option

Post Types

TaxoPress will attempt to automatically put Auto Links in your chosen content. It may not be successful for all post types and layouts.

The "Post Types" area of the "Manage Auto Links" feature


These options allow you to set maximum limits for how often Auto Links will appear in your content. It also allows you to choose terms of a minimum and maximum length.

The "Control" area of the "Manage Auto Links" feature


In this area, you can exclude specific terms from being linked, and you can also stop Auto Links from working inside a wide range of HTML elements. We’ve defined 9 default elements from H1 and H2 to pre and code. You can also add your own custom classes and IDs.

The "Exceptions" area of the "Manage Auto Links" screen


This area contains more complex options that only need to be modified if Auto Links is not working for you.

The "Advanced" tab of the "Auto Links" option

Here you also will be able to add a CSS class to your term link.