The TaxoPress AI feature helps when you’re writing content in WordPress. TaxoPress AI makes it easier for you to find the best taxonomy terms for your content.

The AI feature can show a metabox on your post editing screen. This image below shows the TaxoPress AI metabox and it has these features:

  • Manage Post Terms: This feature allows you to manage all the terms that are currently attached to a post.
  • Suggest Existing Terms: This feature uses an internal AI tool in the TaxoPress plugin that can scan your posts and suggest relevant terms that already exist on your site.
  • Show All Existing Terms: This feature allows you to browse all the terms in a taxonomy.
  • OpenAI / IBM Watson / Dandelion / LSEG: These integrations allow you to connect to external service. These services will scan your content and suggest relevant terms. They can suggest existing terms and also new terms.
TaxoPress AI Metabox

You can also use these tools from inside the “TaxoPress AI” area of the WordPress admin area. This screen allows to quickly move between different posts and taxonomies. It is also where you enter the API keys to connect to each service.

TaxoPress AI screen