Capabilities / Permissions in TaxoPress

There are two permissions you can give to users in TaxoPress:

  • simple_tags
  • admin_simple_tags

You can use these to customize user access to the TaxoPress plugin screens.

We recommend using the PublishPress Capabilities plugin to assign these permissions.

  • Install the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.
  • Go to the “Capabilities” screen.
  • Choose the user role you want to edit in the top-left corner.
  • In the “Additional Capabilities” area, you can see the two TaxoPress permissions:
  • The admin_simple_tags permission will give access to the “Settings” screen.
  • The simple_tags permission will give access to the screens such as “Taxonomies”, “Related Posts”, “Mass Edit Terms”, “Manage Terms”, and more.

If you give both these permissions to a user in the Subscriber role, this next screenshot shows what they will see after logging in.

Technical details

These permissions are automatically added to your site by the /inc/class.admin.php file.

These permissions are automatically removed when you uninstall the plugin. This is done by the uninstall.php file.