Auto Terms is a TaxoPress feature that automatically adds relevant terms to posts.

Some TaxoPress users rely on Auto Terms to add terms to posts that are imported. Here are some typical requests:

  • “I’m importing posts via the WordPress API and the auto-tagging is not processing on those posts. Can I set this up using a cron job?”
  • “How can I add terms when I insert the products in WooCommerce through the WC API?”

This is possible with TaxoPress Pro which you can use to schedule the Auto Terms process.

How to schedule Auto Terms #

TaxoPress Pro allows you to schedule the Auto Terms feature to run either hourly or daily. TaxoPress Pro users will see a “Schedule” tab, as you can see in the screenshot below. This is really useful if you are regularly updating your posts, or if you’re automatically importing new posts.

The Schedule tab and its options

This feature will create a cron event in your site. You can see these events using a plugin such as “WP Crontrol”. This screenshot below shows both cron events that are possible with TaxoPress:


Safeguards for Large Sites #

If you have a large site (for example, over 50,000 posts) and want to use Auto Terms, we provide some safeguards to help you analyze so much content successfully. These will prevent timeouts if you’re trying to process a lot of content or using an underpowered server.

The “Schedule” tab has the following four safeguards:

  • Exclude previously analyzed content: This enables you to skip posts that have already been analyzed by the Schedule feature.
  • Limit per batches: This enables you to add Auto Terms to content in batches. If you have a lot of content, set this to a lower number to avoid timeouts.
  • Batches wait time: This is the wait time (in seconds) between processing batches of Auto Terms. If you have a lot of content, set this to a higher number to avoid timeouts.
  • Limit Auto Terms, based on published date: This setting allows you to add Auto Terms only to recent content.