TaxoPress has a “Posts” screen that allows you to search for terms.

On the “Posts” screen, you can quickly and see all the posts attached to any term, even across multiple post types. The WordPress core does provide this information for single post types, but not across all the post types on your site.

So our goal with this screen is to provide a true count of how many times a term is used, and a full listing of all the posts that use that term.

This screenshot below shows the “Count” column on the “Terms” screen.

TaxoPress Count in Terms screen

If you click a number in that “Count” column, or click “Posts” in the TaxoPress menu, you’ll be taken to this new screen below. There are two filters to help you find what you’re looking for:

  • Terms Filter: Search for a specific term and find all the attached posts.
  • Post Types Filter: Search only for posts in a specific post type.
TaxoPress Posts screen

This next screenshot shows the “Posts” screen with WooCommerce products:

WooCommerce products on Posts screen