Create a Custom Color Scheme for Shuffle Box

This guide will show you how to create your own color scheme for the Shuffle Box feature in the Tag Groups plugin. First, we’ll introduce the default options, and then we’ll see how to create your own custom themes.

The Default Themes for Shuffle Boxes #

This screenshot below shows the default design for the shuffle box.

You can also customize this one of the default themes in Tag Groups. And there are additional default themes that are unique to Shuffle Boxes:


Custom Themes for Shuffle Boxes #

  • In your WordPress admin area, go to “Tag Groups” then “Tag Colors”.
  • Enter the CSS class name. The default is “my-own-class”.
  • Choose the colors you want to use for Shuffle Box.
  • Copy the CSS and add it to your theme. Add the CSS into the style.css of a child theme or you can use the Customizer.
  • Take the CSS class name from the bottom of the screen. In this example, the class is “cm-shuffle-box-theme-default my-own-class”.
  • Go to your post and find the Gutenberg block for your shuffle box.
  • Under “Advanced Styling”, enter your class into the “div class” field.
  • Save the post and your custom color scheme will appear.

If you’re using the shortcode for Shuffle Box, add this to your shortcode: div_class=“cm-shuffle-box-theme-default my-own-class”