FAQ and Common Issues #

In this section you find answers and solutions to common issues.

Documentation #

Here you find links to the most relevant topics of the the online documentation for fast access.

First Aid #

Some issues can be solved with these helpers. It is safe to use them on your live site, but some of them may cause it to slow down for a minute.

  • Migrate: The plugin automatically migrates posts and tags to the latest format (which supports multiple tags per groups) and tries to keep track of changes. There may, however, be cases where other components made unnoticed changes. In that case you need to migrate your posts and tags manually.
    You might also need to manually migrate them after you enabled a taxonomy that already contained untracked posts and tags.
  • Maintenance: This function searches the meta data of posts and tags for inconsistencies and any changes that went unnoticed.
  • Rebuild Post Counts: If the post counts of tags are incorrect, you can fix it here.
  • Reset Tag Filter: If you don’t see your tags on the tags page in the backend, the reason can be that the tag filter is active but an error caused by another plugin prevents the filter menu from showing. Here you can reset this filter.
  • Purge Cache: The cache speeds up various processes by saving their results for reuse. The plugin takes care to purge it when it makes sense, or you see a message that recommends you to do it manually. Purging the cache clears not only the object cache (which holds the tag clouds if it is enabled) but also automatic caches on several intermediate levels.
    After purging the cache, the data needs to be regenerated. That mostly happens when you first time request the data (or tag cloud) again, but in some cases automatic regeneration in the background is scheduled a few seconds after purging.

On larger websites you will need a longer PHP execution time limit. Usually all functions are finished within seconds.

The same buttons reside also at other locations of the settings for convenient access.

System Information #

This information can help us understand the causes of possible issues.

If you are having trouble with the Tag Group administration page (groups are not loading) then check the Ajax Test on this page.

The Cache Benchmark can help you decide which type of cache is the fastest.