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Welcome to the Tag Groups plugin!

Tag Groups allow you to organize your WordPress tags in groups.

The Tag Groups plugin allows you to show tags in clouds, tabs, accordions, tables, lists and much more. You can customize your term displays with a huge number of options and use them in posts, pages, blocks, or shortcodes.

What are Tag Groups? #

Tag Groups are like containers that contain tags. These groups have IDs, names and an order in which they appear in tag clouds and in menus.

This screenshot below shows a real example. “Place” is a Tag Group that contains tags such as “Alps”, “France”, “Germany”, and “Paris”. Using a group allows these tags to be displayed together. “Subject” is another Tag Group and contains tags such as “animals”, “castle”, and “park.

This example uses the Toggle Post Filter. Visitors can select tags and see a list of posts that match their search criteria. Click here to see a Toggle Post Filter demo.

Example of using Tag Groups

This next screenshot is another example using Tag Groups. “Year” is a Tag Group that contains tags such as “2012, “2019, and “2021”.

This examples uses the Shuffle Box feature. This is a tag cloud that allows you to filter the tags by their names or by their Tag Groups. Click here to see a Shuffle Box demo.