Export/Import #

If you want to move the settings to another website or just back them up separately, you can use this tool. All information is part of the standard WordPress database and can be backed up also with the usual backup plugins.

The export will result in two files: the settings, including the tag groups, and the tags. You will need to download these files by right-clicking (or ctrl-clicking) on the links that appear after the export is completed.

If you want to import both to another website, we recommend to start with the settings.

Please note that this export doesn’t replace a proper, regular backup of your database.

Reset #

On this screen you have the possibility to remove your tag groups and reset all tag assignments.

Delete Settings and Groups #

This option determines whether the plugin will clean up all settings, groups and options when you remove it (that is delete, not just deactivate). It is recommended to keep it unchecked, unless you plan to wipe these items.

Maintenance #

This tool checks for inconsistencies and outdated or invalid meta data. Running the maintenance can solve issues that you encounter during filtering by tag groups.