This guide will show you how to change the style of the Tag Groups that appear underneath posts.

Use the following CSS in your Customizer -> CSS or your style.css to add a tag icon in front of each tag. The Dashicon used here is “f323”. You can find a new icon and the related number by visiting the Dashicons guide on

For example, a “site” icon is “f319” and a “comments” icon is “f101”.

.tag-groups-premium-post-tags-table td a {
  text-decoration: none;

.tag-groups-premium-post-tags-table td a:before {
  content: "\f323";
  font-family: Dashicons;
  margin: 0 .2em 0 .4em;
  padding-right: .1em;
  padding-left: .5em;

The output using “f323” as a Dashicon will be like this screenshot below: