The Tag Groups plugin allows you to create groups to organize the terms on your site. This guide will help you get started with the groups feature.

The first step in using the Tag Groups plugin is to choose the taxonomies in the “Tag Groups” settings. Once this is done, you can start creating tag groups.

You find the “Tag Groups” submenu next to your chosen taxonomy. For example, if you’re using the plugin with the “Tags” taxonomy, you’ll find the “Tag Groups” submenu next to the “Tags” menu:

Tag Groups menu link

This next screenshot shows the main admin screen for Tag Groups. Here you can add new groups, and modify existing groups.

Tag Groups admin screen

Here are some actions you can take on this screen:

  • Create a new group below a row by clicking on the plus icon.
  • Click on the trash icon to delete a group.
  • Click on an arrow to move a group up or down. The order is relevant for displaying groups in tag clouds.
  • Drag and drop a group to a new position.
  • Click into a name to edit it.
  • Click on the number of tags to go to the list of tags, filtered by the selected group.
  • Click on the paper sheets icon to go to the list of posts, filtered by the selected group.