Tag Groups Changes Design Elements in Other Areas of My Site

If your theme also uses jQuery UI themes, some styling may be affected by the jQuery UI themes that come with Tag Groups. The result can be shifted or changed handles, buttons or similar elements that belong to interactive features anywhere on your site.

In that case please try the following:

  1. If the issue appears only on pages where you don’t use any of the Tag Groups features, go to the Tag Groups settings, Front End, Shortcodes and turn off “Always load shortcode scripts.”
  2. If you cannot use this option, select another theme in the Tag Groups settings, Front End, Themes and Appearance and see if that helps. If your WordPress theme brings its own jQuery UI theme, you can try the option “Don’t load a theme.”

After you make a change, you may have to empty the page and CSS caches (if you use a plugin or CDN for caching) and regenerate minimized CSS (if you use plugins such as WP Total Cache or Autoptimize).