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Tag: Auto Terms

This feature allows WordPress to examine your post content and title for specified terms and automatically add those terms to the post.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • You add “WordPress” to the keywords list in TaxoPress.
  • If your post content or title contains the word “WordPress”, then TaxoPress will automatically add “WordPress” as a term for this post.

TaxoPress 3.0.2 is Now Available

TaxoPress 3.0.2 is now available. This version has improved support for the Dandelion API. You can use this feature to suggest Tags based on your content. There are also improvements for the “Auto Terms” screen.

Auto Terms Options

The Auto Terms feature in TaxoPress has several options that you can configure: Target content: This option allows you to avoid adding extra terms if the post already has terms. For example, if this is unchecked, Auto Terms will add the term “Press” to a post if it finds the word “WordPress”.Whole Words: This option […]

Introduction to Auto Terms

The Auto Terms feature can scan your content and automatically assign terms. You can either choose to add existing terms that are already on your site, or you can create and add new terms. Go to TaxoPress > Auto Terms in your WordPress admin menu.Choose the taxonomy you want to use with Auto Terms. In […]