Auto Terms Can Now Analyze over 200,000 WordPress Posts

The most popular feature in TaxoPress is “Auto Terms”.

Auto Terms allows you to automatically add existing terms (with the Free version) and new terms (with the Pro version) to your WordPress content. If you’re new to Auto Terms, check out this introductory guide.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve added a lot of improvements to Auto Terms, including schedules, a log, and safeguards for large sites.

With the latest release of TaxoPress, we’ve tackled the most difficult problem yet: analyzing content on very large sites.

Several TaxoPress customers reported using Auto Terms to analyze 50,000 posts on a single site. One customer had over 100,000 posts, and the biggest site so far had over 200,000 posts!

These customers were reporting timeouts when trying to analyze that much content. With the latest version of TaxoPress Pro, that problem is solved!

In TaxoPress 3.5.2, we’ve added new safeguards so you can process truly huge amounts of content. Here are those safeguards:

  • Exclude previously analyzed content: This enables you to skip posts that have already been analyzed.
  • Limit per batches: This enables you to add Auto Terms to content in batches. If you have a lot of content, set this to a lower number to avoid timeouts.
  • Batches wait time: This is the wait time (in seconds) between processing batches of Auto Terms. If you have a lot of content, set this to a higher number to avoid timeouts.
  • Limit Auto Terms, based on published date: This setting allows you to add Auto Terms only to recent content.

This image below shows these new safeguards for the “Schedule” feature. All of these settings are also available for “Existing Content“.

Manage Auto Terms feature

Are you new to Auto Terms?

If you want more background on the feature mentioned in this post, watch this video. You can also click here for more on the Auto Terms feature.

Auto Terms Summary

If you need to organize a small site, or more than 200,000 posts, you should try the new TaxoPress Pro!

Even if your site isn’t that large, you’ll find TaxoPress can be very helpful. TaxoPress can analyze your content and automatically assign new and existing terms.

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