TaxoPress Pro Allows You to Add Terms on a Schedule

TaxoPress 3.4.2 is available now and it has some helpful improvements to the Auto Terms feature.

Auto Terms can scan your content and automatically assign relevant terms. It can add relevant terms for Tags, Categories, WooCommerce Product Categories, or any other taxonomy you use.

This image below shows how the Auto Terms feature works. The post includes “WordPress” and “CMS”, which are also terms on this site. TaxoPress has scanned the content, recognized the words, and then automatically added relevant terms to the post.

Auto Terms example

Auto Terms is a useful feature, but several customers asked us to expand it to cover imported posts. Here are some typical requests:

  • “I’m importing posts via the WordPress API and the auto tagging is not processing on those posts. Can I set this up using a cron job?
  • “How can I add terms when I insert the products in WooCommerce through the WC API?”

This new release of TaxoPress is the answer to those questions.

TaxoPress Pro now allows you to schedule the Auto Terms feature to run either hourly or daily. TaxoPress Pro users will now see a “Schedule” tab, as you scan see in the screenshot below. This is really useful if you are regularly updating your posts, or if you’re automatically importing new posts. This improvement means your posts will also have relevant terms added.

This feature will create a cron event in your site. You can see these events using a plugin such as “WP Crontrol”. This screenshot below shows both cron events that are possible with TaxoPress:


More updates in TaxoPress

There are other improvements in TaxoPress recently. One useful addition is ability to use Auto Terms on both published and unpublished content. You’ll find that addition under the “Options” tab:

We’ve also added the registration key to all dropdowns that list your site’s taxonomies. The registration key is the name that appears in parentheses, such as (post_tag). This makes it choose the correct taxonomy if you have many on your site.

What’s coming in TaxoPress?

In the next release, TaxoPress will expand the Auto Terms feature further. You’ll be able to automatically analyze your content using the Dandelion API or Open Calais services, and then use that analysis to create new terms.

This will be a step forward, because currently TaxoPress can only add terms that already exist on your site.

Our big goal is to allow you to organize, optimize, and showcase your WordPress content. These TaxoPress improvements help you do that, and do it automatically!

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