TaxoPress is Completely Updated, and Ready for New Features

At the beginning of 2021, we took over running Simple Tags. It was an older WordPress plugin that had 80,000 users, but hadn’t been maintained.

We knew that many WordPress users needed a plugin that could organize all the content on their sites. Simple Tags had the potential to be that plugin. It was full of useful features, although they were currently limited and sometimes difficult to use.

These old plugins often need a LOT of work. It’s similar to buying an old house and going through the remodeling process. There may be many surprises that you can’t plan for.

All the TaxoPress Changes in 2021

It has taken nearly a whole year to update all the plugin’s features. We went through 25 releases and over 300 Github issues, with major new versions every month.

Here’s an overview of all the changes in 2021:

  • January: We agree to take over the plugin.
  • February: We give the plugin a new name, “TaxoPress”, so it can support more taxonomies than just Tags. The plugin now manages all the taxonomies on a WordPress site.
  • March: Our team released a major clean-up of the plugin’s user interface.
  • April: TaxoPress can now manage any taxonomy, not just Tags.
  • May: A Pro version of TaxoPress so we can make some money to fund all this work!
  • June: The “Terms Display” and “Terms for Current Posts” features get a big overhaul.
  • July: The “Related Posts” feature gets major improvements.
  • August: The “Auto Links” feature gets updated.
  • September: The “Auto Terms” feature is now much easier to use.
  • October: The final key feature, “Suggest Terms”, is ready for TaxoPress users!

This image below shows how TaxoPress looked in January, with all the features crammed into a single “Options” screen:

This next image shows how TaxoPress looks in November after all that work. Everything has been organized into menus and all the screens meet normal WordPress standards.

What’s next for TaxoPress? We want your ideas

The renovations are complete and we’re ready to move forward with new features. I’m excited to see what we can build with TaxoPress in 2022.

If you haven’t seen the new version yet, head over to and try TaxoPress.

If you have any suggestions for new TaxoPress features, we’d love to hear them. How can we help you organize, optimize, and showcase your WordPress content?

If you use the Free version, please post on If you’re a TaxoPress Pro member, you can also open a support ticket.

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