TaxoPress 3.4 Has Big Improvements to Suggest Terms

TaxoPress 3.4 is available and it has significant upgrades to the “Suggest Terms” feature.

Suggest Terms is now more powerful, and easier to use. This feature helps when you’re writing in WordPress. It becomes much easier for you to find the best taxonomy terms for your content.

What does the Suggest Terms feature do?

Suggest Terms can show two metaboxes on your post editing screen:

  1. One metabox can browse and select from all your existing terms.
  2. One metabox can analyze your content and find new ideas for terms.

This image below shows the metabox where you can browse existing terms:

This next image shows the metabox that can analyze your content. In this screenshot, TaxoPress is suggesting terms that already exist on your site. TaxoPress can also create new ideas from services such as Dandelion and Open Calais.

What’s new in TaxoPress 3.4?

There are nearly 50 changes in TaxoPress 3.4, but I’ll highlight four of the biggest and most important improvements in this release:

  • The two metaboxes have been redesigned with a new, modern interface.
  • The “Show existing terms” metabox has much better filters so you can find the terms you need.
  • The “Suggest Terms” feature works with any taxonomy and post type. Previously, it only worked with Tags and Posts. Now it supports any taxonomy including hierarchical taxonomies such as Categories.
  • There’s a new menu link and settings area for “Suggest Terms”.

The Settings for the Suggest Terms feature

Now let’s give you an overview of the changes you can make to the Suggest Terms feature. You can find this feature via the new “Suggest Terms” menu link under the main “TaxoPress” menu link in WordPress.

You’ll see a new and improved design for the Suggest Terms screen. This is significantly easier to use than the Suggest Terms screen in prior versions.

TaxoPress Free users can customize the existing option for Suggest Terms. TaxoPress Pro users can create as many instances as they want.

Under the “General” tab you can choose the default taxonomy that will load when users start editing a post. You can also choose which post types will get these metaboxes.

The “Show Existing Terms” settings control how users can browse and select from all your existing terms You can choose how many terms show by default, plus how they are sorted on the screen.

The “Suggest Terms” settings can analyze your content and find new ideas for terms. The easiest option is to use local tags. You can also also use the Dandelion API service to suggest terms (click here for documentation), and the Open Calais service (click here for documentation).

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