Using the OpenCalais API for Suggest Terms

It is possible to use the OpenCalais API with the TaxoPress plugin. When the API is working correctly, it can automatically suggest terms for your WordPress posts.

The TaxoPress team are not responsible for the quality of the results from the Dandelion service.

You can use this guide to create an API key for OpenCalais.

  • Go to your WordPress site.
  • Click “TaxoPress”, then “Suggest Terms” and edit one of the “Suggest Terms” entries.
  • Go to the “Automatic Term Suggestions” tab.
  • Enter your API Key into the “OpenCalais API Key” box.
  • Save the settings on this screen.
  • When you go to a post, you will now be able to choose “OpenCalais” as a source to suggest terms.
  • You will get term suggestions directly from OpenCalais. Click these terms to add them to your post.