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Automatically Create New Terms for bbPress Topics

TaxoPress has a feature which can analyze your content and automatically create new terms. This is very useful for anyone who creates a lot of content, such as community sites with bbPress.

This feature can work with any taxonomy and post type, including bbPress Topics. In this guide, I’ll show you how to automatically create “Topics Tags” for bbPress topics.

Sources for Auto Terms

TaxoPress Pro allows you to generate new terms for your content using WordPress site, plus also the Dandelion and Open Calais services. Here are your three choices: Existing terms: This will analyze your content and automatically add existing terms from your site.Dandelion: This service will analyze your content and automatically add new terms (only in […]

TaxoPress Pro Allows You to Add Terms on a Schedule

TaxoPress 3.4.2 is available now and it has some helpful improvements to the Auto Terms feature. Auto Terms can scan your content and automatically assign relevant terms. It can add relevant terms for Tags, Categories, WooCommerce Product Categories, or any other taxonomy you use. This image below shows how the Auto Terms feature works. The […]

Using the Dandelion API for Suggest Terms

This guide will show you how to use the Dandelion API to automatically suggest terms for your WordPress posts. This is part of the “Suggest Terms” feature in TaxoPress. The TaxoPress team are not responsible for the quality of the results from the Dandelion service. Follow this guide to get an API key for Dandelion. […]