TaxoPress 3.2 Has Big Improvements to Auto Links

Auto Links is one of the most popular features in TaxoPress. It can really help improve your site’s SEO and its content structure.

Version 3.2 has major improvements to the Auto Links feature.

You can set Auto Links to automatically create links to your defined terms. For example, if you set a term called “WordPress”, the Auto Links feature will find every “WordPress” in your content and add links to the archive page for that term.

In the image below, we show three examples with the terms: “WordPress”, “software”, and “product”. The first “WordPress” in the text is linked to this URL: /tag/wordpress/, and the other terms are also linked in the same way. You can completely customize these links, controlling how often they appear, what taxonomies are used, and much more.

What’s new in Auto Links?

Here are four key changes to “Auto Links” in version 3.2:

  1. New “Auto Links” area: Instead of being hidden in “Settings”, the links now have their own screen called “Auto Links”.
  2. Use any taxonomy or post type: In previous versions, you could only use the “Tags” taxonomy in your Auto Link. Now it’s possible to use any taxonomy attached to any post type.
  3. Create multiple Auto Links: In previous versions, you could only create one “Auto Links”option. In the Pro version of TaxoPress, you can create as many as you want.
  4. Extra options: The new release has extra settings such as the ability to skip Auto Links inside some HTML tags.

When you update to TaxoPress 3.2, you’ll see a new “Auto Links” screen in the menu, as in this screenshot below:

Auto-Links screen in TaxoPress

Inside each Auto Links setup, you’ll see a new, tabbed layout that is much easier to navigate than the previous layout. All of these options are new in version 3.2:

  • Taxonomy: Choose which taxonomy terms will be linked.
  • Auto Link case: This enables you to be consistent in your use of uppercase and lowercase
  • Auto Link areas: Choose which areas of the content will have links.
  • Don’t add links for attached content: This can help avoid an over-use of links for some terms.
Auto-Links General options

One of the biggest improvements is in the “Exceptions” area. You can now exclude specific terms from being linked, and you can also stop Auto Links from working inside a wide range of HTML elements. We’ve defined 9 default elements from H1 and H2 to pre and code. You can also add your own custom classes and IDs.

Auto-Links exceptions options

What’s next for TaxoPress?

Now that “Auto Links” is updated, our next task will be to tackle “Auto Terms”. This is the feature that allows WordPress to automatically analyze your content and add terms based on those words and phrases. So if your post content or title contains the word “WordPress”, then TaxoPress will automatically add “WordPress” as a term for this post.

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