How to Show WordPress Tags on Posts and Pages

One TaxoPress user asked us if there was an easy way to show WordPress Tags on their WordPress posts. This was a problem because their theme did not automatically show the Tags on the posts.

This is possible with the “Terms for Current Post” feature in TaxoPress. Your Tags (and other terms) can be shown in three ways:

  1. With the “Terms for Current Post” shortcode.
  2. With the “Terms for Current Post” widget.
  3. TaxoPress can try and automatically add the terms into your content.

This display is separate from any default display of terms in your theme. Many themes will have hard-coded the terms into the theme itself using this code. TaxoPress offers some much more flexible alternatives. You will be able to control the placement, layout, and design of your terms.

This image below shows the TaxoPress feature “Terms for Current Post” on a post:

Tags on a WordPress post

All of the settings for this feature can be customized by going to TaxoPress > Settings > Terms for Current Post.

The following guides have more details on how you can control the appearance of this feature:

All of that documentation focuses on posts, but it’s easy to add Tags and Categories to Pages and other post types. You can also move terms between Tags and Categories.

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