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Tag: Terms for Current Post

The “Terms for Current Post” feature in TaxoPress allows you to customize the displays of terms on your content.

This works for any taxonomy, and is separate from any default display of terms in your theme.

Click here for more details on the Terms for Current Post feature.

Add CSS to Terms for Current Post

It is possible to change the format of your Terms for Current Post display. You can also add your CSS to the display of terms. Go to TaxoPress > Terms for Current Post and you can add your CSS to the whole div or to specific links. You can do this using the settings below: […]

How to Show Tags on Posts and Pages

One TaxoPress user asked us if there was an easy way to show Tags on their WordPress post. Their theme did not automatically show the Tags on the posts. This is possible with the “Terms for Current Post” feature in TaxoPress. Your Tags (and other terms) can be shown in three ways:

TaxoPress Pro is Available

Today, we’ve released TaxoPress Pro which will have advanced features for organizing your site. This first version allows you to create as many “Term Displays” as you want.