How to Add Categories to WordPress Pages

WordPress Categories and Tags are the two main ways to organize your WordPress content.

Both Categories and Tags are “taxonomies” and they can help you sort your content. However, on a normal WordPress site, both Categories and Tags are only available for Posts. This means that you do not have any options to organize your Pages … unless you use a plugin such as TaxoPress.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to add Categories to your WordPress Pages. First, we'll have a video guide and then a text guide.

  • Install the TaxoPress plugin.
  • Go to “TaxoPress” and then “Taxonomies” in your WordPress admin area.
  • Click “Edit” under “Categories”.
Editing the Categories Taxonomy in WordPress
  • Click the “Post Types” tab.
  • Check the box for “Pages”.
  • You may also way want to check the box “Show content from all post types on archive page” so that your Posts and Pages are grouped together on the Category pages.
Click the Pages checkbox
  • Click “Save Taxonomy”
  • Click the F5 key to refresh your WordPress Dashboard screen
  • You will now see that “Categories” are available under “Pages” in your WordPress admin menu:
Adding Categories to the Pages post type
  • When you are editing a Page, you will see the “Categories” box in the right sidebar.
Using Categories when editing a Page in WordPress
  • You will also be able to add and remove Categories using the “Quick Edit” and “Bulk Edit” features:
Using Quick Edit to Add Categories

Now you check that everything is working correctly:

  • Go to “Pages” then “Categories” in your WordPress admin area.
  • Click “View” next to a Category.
  • You should see any Pages that have that Category.

Once you've added Categories to Pages, you can use all kinds of useful TaxoPress features. For example, you can use the “Auto Terms” feature to automatically assign Categories. You can also choose the default Category for when you create new pages.