Tag: Auto Terms

This feature allows WordPress to examine your post content and title for specified terms and automatically add those terms to the post.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • You add “WordPress” to the keywords list in TaxoPress.
  • If your post content or title contains the word “WordPress”, then TaxoPress will automatically add “WordPress” as a term for this post.

Use Regular Expressions to Analyze Content

TaxoPress Pro allows you to use Regular Expressions to change how Auto Terms analyzes your posts. By default, TaxoPress runs this code to determine if a term exists in content: if(strpos($content, ‘ ‘.$term.’ ‘) !== FALSE) {//add $term} That code will change slightly if the “Whole words” setting is unchecked in the “Options” tab. If […]

Logs for Auto Terms

A log is available for the Auto Terms feature. This is useful because you can set the Auto Terms feature to run on a schedule. So it can be very useful to know what happened on your site when you’ve set up an automatic process. On all of the Auto Terms screens, you will see […]