TaxoPress Now Supports Synonyms for WordPress Terms

TaxoPress Pro now has a new feature called “Synonyms”. This allows you to have multiple words associated with a single term.

If TaxoPress scans your content and finds a synonym, it will act as if it has found the main term.

Let’s see an example of how that works. In the screenshot below, the main name for the term is “Apple”. The synonyms are “Apples”, “Golden Delicious”, “Granny Smith”, “Pink Lady”, “Honeycrisp”, “Red Delicious”, “Braeburn” and “Gravenstein”.

Adding synonyms for WordPress terms

More examples of Synonyms

Here are some more examples of why synonyms are useful. All of these are real customer requests.

First, here’s a request that’s very similar to our Apples example:

Ideally, if any of these words “orange”, “oranges”, “clementines” are found in a post it should generate an “orange” tag. This is better than three separate tags for orange, oranges, and clementines.

Second, here’s a user who wants one tag for each person, no matter how their name is presented:

I have users with names written differently like “Steve Burge” and “Burge Steve”. Hungarian names are in a different order from English, but it means the same person. I would like to handle it right and NOT replace all the texts.

Third, here’s an example of different names for the same person of groups of people:

I’m trying to find a way to display terms that are essentially the same for my purposes. In Australia we use the terms “Indigenous”, “Aboriginal” and “First Nations” to mean pretty much the same thing. It would be fantastic to connect these together so that the tag archive page for “indigenous” would also show the tags “Aboriginal” and “First Nations”, and posts tagged with any of the three.

Finally, here’s a user who switches between Spanish and English but still wants to link related content together:

We would like a “Concert” tag that could connect content in different languages e.g. “concerts”, “live band”, “musique en live”, “concerto”.

Putting Synonyms to work for you

The Synonyms feature currently works with two key features of TaxoPress: Auto Terms and Auto Links.

With Auto Terms, TaxoPress will add the original term to the post if it finds a synonym in the content. So if you have “Apples”, “Golden Delicious” or “Granny Smith” in your post content, TaxoPress will add the term “Apple” to your post.

With Auto Links, there is a setting to enable the use of synonyms. If you check the box in the screenshot below, TaxoPress will add links to any synonyms in your post. So if you have “Apples”, “Golden Delicious” and “Granny Smith” in your post content, all of those words will be linked to the archive page for “Apple”.

Enabling synonyms for TaxoPress Auto Links

Looking Ahead

After this first launch of the synonyms feature, we have plans to expand:

  • We will integrate synonyms with other features such as “Related Posts” and “Suggest Terms”.
  • We plan to use AI to make it easier to create synonyms. For example, if you have terms such as “Apple” and “Banana”, AI could automatically add “Apples” and “Bananas” as synonyms.

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