What Are Terms in WordPress?

WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, is packed with jargon that can sometimes be confusing for beginners. One such piece of jargon is “terms”. You’ll hear the word “terms” associated with Tags and Categories.

What exactly are terms in WordPress? Let’s dive deep and demystify this concept.

What is a Taxonomy in WordPress?

Before we delve into “terms”, it’s crucial to understand “taxonomies”. In WordPress, a taxonomy is a way to group things together. The most common taxonomies in WordPress are Categories and Tags, but there are others, and you can even create custom taxonomies.

In the simplest sense, “terms” are the individual items within a taxonomy. You can think of a taxonomy as a container and terms as the items inside that container.

For example, in our blog, we have a taxonomy called “The TaxoPress Blog”. The “News”, “Releases”, and “Tutorials” then are its terms.

image of the TaxoPress Blog taxonomy

Why Are Terms Important?

Terms play a pivotal role in organizing your content.

  • They help to categorize your content. By assigning terms, you can group related posts together, making it easier for users to find similar content.
  • They improve SEO. Search engines love well-organized content. By using terms effectively, you can boost your site’s SEO.
  • They enhance user experience. With terms, users can quickly navigate to topics they’re interested in, enhancing their browsing experience.

Using terms in WordPress is straightforward. In this post, the “term” means “tags”. While writing or editing a post, you’ll find sections for categories and tags in the right sidebar. Here you can add new terms or select from existing ones.

image of the wordpress add new tag feature

Advanced users can create custom taxonomies and add terms to them. This is especially useful for websites that need unique grouping mechanisms.

Here are a few best practices for using terms.

  • Be consistent. Try to maintain consistency in naming and using terms. For instance, avoid having both ‘tech’ and “technology” as terms.
  • Avoid overuse. While it’s tempting to assign multiple terms to a post, it’s best to keep it relevant. Overusing terms can confuse both users and search engines.
  • Regularly review. As your website grows, review and prune your terms. Merge similar ones and delete those that are no longer relevant.

Terms in WordPress, though a simple concept, are powerful tools in content organization and SEO. Understand and use them effectively, and you can enhance your website’s user experience and search engine ranking.

Using TaxoPress to Manage your Terms

TaxoPress has streamlined the process of adding terms in various ways. Here are several examples of how it simplifies this process.

First, TaxoPress offers a clean and user-friendly dashboard:

image of the taxopress dashboard

Adding terms is as simple as navigating to the “Taxonomy” area and using the “Add New” button:

image of the add new button of the taxonomy screen

The interface guides users through the process, making it straightforward even for beginners. For websites that require the addition of multiple terms simultaneously, TaxoPress provides a bulk addition feature:

image of the auto terms taxopress feature

This allows users to input several terms at once, saving time and reducing repetitive tasks. Once a term is added, TaxoPress provides quick edit options right next to each term. This means if you’ve made a typo or need to make a quick change, you don’t have to navigate through multiple pages; a quick edit can be done right from the term list.

image of the taxopress term quick edit feature

The “Auto Terms” feature can scan your content and automatically assign new and existing terms. This not only ensures consistency but also reduces manual input.

TaxoPress can suggest terms based on your existing content and taxonomies or using a number of external services. This feature aids in ensuring that you don’t miss out on adding relevant terms and helps maintain a cohesive taxonomy structure.

image of sources used for auto term creation

These features, combined with other functionalities of TaxoPress, make the process of adding and managing terms efficient and user-friendly.

Terms Conclusion

In the world of content, understanding ‘terms’ is like knowing the alphabet in a language. While WordPress offers the basics, TaxoPress is the grammar book, refining and enhancing your content structure. Every content creator, novice or expert, stands to benefit from this knowledge. Equip yourself with the TaxoPress plugin, and let your content speak volumes.

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