Custom Taxonomies

WordPress arrives with two taxonomies: Categories and Tags.

TaxoPress allows you to create your own custom taxonomies. TaxoPress is a  taxonomy-management plugin. You can use TaxoPress to create, edit and manage all your taxonomies.

TaxoPress 3.1 Allows You to Show Related Posts in WordPress

TaxoPress 3.1 is now available for download in both Free and Pro versions. This release improves how TaxoPress can display related posts. This is a great feature to encourage users to stay on your site, and it can also help your site’s SEO. Here’s the very short explanation of this feature … If your post…

How to Create WordPress Taxonomies for Internal Use

The slogan for TaxoPress is “Organize your WordPress”. That applies to content on the frontend of your site, but also to the admin area. We often have TaxoPress users who want to organize their content privately. They want a taxonomy that is only used and seen in the WordPress admin area. With the TaxoPress plugin,…