TaxoPress 3.2.2 Allows You to Add CSS to Terms

TaxoPress 3.2.2 is available now. The main feature is the ability to add CSS to your terms.

You can add CSS directly to Terms Display, Related Posts, Terms for Current Post, and Auto Links features.

Let’s walk you through an example that uses the “Terms Display” feature.

Go to TaxoPress > Terms Display and you can add your CSS to the whole div or to specific links. You can do this using the settings below:

Add CSS directly to Terms Display

Here is an example of adding classes to these fields:

Add CSS classes to Terms Display

I can then add the CSS for those classes to my theme, or to the “Customize” feature of WordPress.

Custom CSS classes for Terms Display

In this example below, I’ve added the CSS code in the images above, and then included the Terms Display shortcode into a post. The result is very colorful!

Custom CSS classes showing for Terms Display

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