Tag: Terms Display

TaxoPress allows you to show a cloud or list of the terms used on your site. The most popular tags are shown in a large font.

The clouds or lists can be shown in multiple ways, including with a shortcode and widget.

Click here for more on the Terms Display feature.

Add CSS to Your Terms Display

It is possible to change the format of your Terms Display. You can also add your CSS to the display of terms. Go to TaxoPress > Terms Display and you can add your CSS to the whole div or to specific links. You can do this using the settings below: Here is an example of […]

TaxoPress Pro is Available

Today, we’ve released TaxoPress Pro which will have advanced features for organizing your site. This first version allows you to create as many “Term Displays” as you want.

Show the Terms Display in a Widget

It is possible to create a Terms Display layout and show it in a WordPress widget. Go to Appearance > Widget and look for the “Term Display (TaxoPress Shortcode)” widget. This can be placed into any area that your theme has available.

Show the Terms Display with a Shortcode

TaxoPress allows you to show a cloud or list of the terms in a taxonomy. You can show your terms using the shortcode shown on the “Terms Display” screen: If you are using the block editor in WordPress, you can add shortcodes using the “Shortcode” block. In the image below, I’ve added a shortcode block: […]