TaxoPress 3.0.3 is Now Available

TaxoPress 3.0.3 is now available for download on

As with the previous releases, we’re cleaning up the UI. We’re making some features easier to use and also showcasing hidden features that you might not have discovered in TaxoPress.

The Manage Terms screen

You will see a completely new “Manage Terms” screen. This image below shows the previous layout with a tag cloud on the left and management features on the right.

This screen looks very different in version 3.0.3. You can now use a table to browse all your terms. This makes it much easier to search your terms. On the right side, the features are into tabs and are much easier to use. There’s also a new feature called “Remove terms” which allows you to remove a term from all posts without deleting it.

Here’s an introduction to each of these features:


We have also cleaned up the metaboxes in TaxoPress 3.0.3. These appear underneath each post. The design of these boxes is cleaner. We’ve also added a search box to help sites with many terms.

There are settings available for this feature. For example, you can set a limit for how many tags will show by default:

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