TaxoPress 3.0.4 Allows You to Create and Manage Taxonomies

TaxoPress 3.0.4 is now available for download on

This is a major release that turns TaxoPress into a full taxonomy-management plugin. You can now use TaxoPress to create, edit and manage all your taxonomies.

There is now a “Taxonomies” screen. This will show all the taxonomies created by WordPress and your plugins and themes. You will see that TaxoPress now provides a “Media Tags” taxonomy so you can organize your Media Library. You can also click “Add New” and create your own taxonomies.

TaxoPress Taxonomies screen

When you click “Edit”, you’ll be able to change the settings for each taxonomy. For example, you can change the visual labels, and control whether the taxonomy is organized in parent-child relationships.

TaxoPress General taxonomy settings

In the “Post Types” area, you can assign any taxonomy to any post type, including your Media Library.

TaxoPress post type settings

Inside each taxonomy, you’ll find many useful settings. For example, in the “Admin Area” settings, you can control how your taxonomy appears in your WordPress dashboard.

TaxoPress admin area setting

Thank You and Looking Ahead

TaxoPress is built on top of work by many great developers including Kevin Drouvin, Martin Modler, Vladimir Kolesnikov and Olawale Adesina. Version 3.0.4 of TaxoPress also relies on code from the excellent Custom Post Type UI plugin. That plugin is a great choice when you want to create whole new post types.

Here at TaxoPress, our work is tightly focused on taxonomies. Before now, many TaxoPress features were only available for the “Tags” taxonomy. Thanks to the release of 3.0.4, we can now expand our features to all taxonomies. Over the next few weeks, look for functionality such as Tag Cloud and Auto Links to be available throughout your site.

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