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What are Tags in WordPress?

Here at TaxoPress, our plugins allow you to manage Tags, Categories and all your WordPress taxonomy terms. If that sentence doesn’t make sense to you, we’re here to help! Tags are a great tool for WordPress users. They can help you organize your site content and improve your site’s search engine optimization. By organizing your…

The Relationship Between Posts, Categories, and Tags in WordPress

Venturing into WordPress? It might seem a bit daunting initially. However, if you focus on its three primary components – Posts, Categories, and Tags – things become clearer. With the assistance of TaxoPress, you can elevate your content, ensuring it resonates with your audience in the online world.

How to Show WordPress Posts With a Specific Taxonomy Term

We had an interesting question from a TaxoPress user: “Do your plugins provide any method for displaying a list of posts assigned to a category?” For example, if you have 10 posts with the term “Fruit”, this feature would display those 10 posts. This is possible with the default taxonomy archives but those are pages…