The Tag Groups Plugin is Live Here on TaxoPress

In October last year, we acquired the Tag Groups plugin.

Tag Groups is a really useful plugin that allows you to display and filter content based on taxonomy terms. You can click here to see demos of Tag Groups features.

Until now, the plugin was hosted at and used for the license keys. We have now moved the plugin, demos, documentation, and license keys over here to

This post will give you a quick guide to the Tag Groups plugin, and also share details of what will change for existing users.

What does Tag Groups do?

Yes, the plugin does allow you to organize taxonomy terms into groups. This image below gives an example from WooCommerce. In the sidebar, the groups are “Material”, “Size”, and “Color”. Because the tags are organized into groups, it’s really easy for users to enter the correct details.

Metabox for Tag Groups

Once your tags are in groups, you can use this plugin to display them in all kinds of interesting ways. For example, in this image below, you can see four groups: “Meal Type”, “Preparation Time”, “Origin” and “Preparation”. Click here for a demo of this “Tag List” feature.

Tag Groups display

However, you don’t have to use the groups feature to benefit form this plugin. For example, you can take any taxonomy and display it in a flexible tag cloud, as in this screenshot below. Click here for a demo of this “Tag Cloud” feature.

Tag Clouds from Tag Groups

You can also take any taxonomy and present it in an alphabetical list. This image below shows terms in a 3 column table, organized by the first letter of each term. Click here for a demo of this “Alphabetical List” feature.

Alphabetical terms list from Tag Groups

You can also use this plugin as a dynamic search feature. In this example below, users can click terms and automatically see posts with those attached terms. Click here to see a demo of this “Post Filter” feature.

Post Filter from Tag Groups

What is the impact for Tag Groups users?

As I mentioned in the introduction, the Tag Groups plugin was previous hosted at and used for the license keys. Now all of those tasks happen on

If you have a Tag Groups license, you will need to get a new account here on

I’m sorry for the hassle, but there really was no way to migrate from the old platform.

If you are a Tag Groups customer, please contact us and we’ll help transfer your account. We’ll give you a discount for any time left on your current subscription.

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