Automatically Add WooCommerce Product Tags and Categories

If you have a busy WooCommerce site, it can be difficult to organize all your products.

Fortunately, with TaxoPress, there is a way to automatically add Product Tags and Categories.

The “Auto Terms” feature in TaxoPress can scan your WooCommerce products and automatically assign terms. For example, imagine you have a term called “WordPress”. Auto Terms can analyze your WooCommerce products and when it finds the word “WordPress”, it can add that term to your post.

Let’s start with a video guide to this process, and then we’ll give you a text and images guide.

Here’s an example below of a WooCommerce product:

WooCommerce sample product

I have several related keywords already entered as WooCommerce product tags:

WooCommerce Product Tags
  • Install the TaxoPress plugin.
  • Go to TaxoPress > Auto Terms in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Choose the taxonomy you want to use with Auto Terms. In the the image below, I’ve chosen “Product Tags”.
  • Choose the post types you want to use with this feature. In the the image below, I’ve chosen “Products”.
Auto Terms options for post types and taxonomy terms
  • The other required setting is in “Terms to Use”. You need to choose whether to use all the terms in your WooCommerce taxonomy, or only a select group. If you choose to use all the terms, test carefully as this process may slow your site if you have 10,000’s of terms, or if you have a slow server.
  • Click “Save Auto Terms”.
Auto Terms options

That really is the whole process. You are now ready to automatically add terms. One approach is to use the “Existing content” option to retroactively add terms to your content. This guide explains how to add terms to existing content.

add terms to existing WooCommerce content

You can also get TaxoPress to add Product Tags to new content. At the beginning of this guide, we saw the example of a fruit product. This image below shows the result. TaxoPress has automatically scanned the product text and added the correct Product Tags.

A WooCommerce product with product tags

This process will also work for WooCommerce Product Categories and can work with any other post types and taxonomies on your site. Here are examples with WordPress Tags and WordPress Categories. If you have media items for your products, TaxoPress can also generate tags related to WordPress media.

If you want to control who can create terms, here’s a tutorial on permissions for Product Tags and Categories.

When this is done, you can use other TaxoPress features to make use of these tags. For example, you can use the Related Posts feature to show products with similar tags. You can also use the Auto Links feature to automatically add links to the archive pages for these tags.

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