WooCommerce Product Tags

WooCommerce Product Tags allow you to organize, optimize, and showcase the items for sale on your WooCommerce site.

With the TaxoPress plugin you can use WooCommerce Product Tags to launch powerful extra features such as Related Posts, Auto Terms, and Auto Links.

How to Choose Default Taxonomy Terms in WordPress

When you install a new WordPress site, there are two taxonomies (Categories and Tags) and one term (Uncategorized). Every WordPress post must have at least one category. By default, this required category is “Uncategorized“, but that name isn’t useful or relevant for most sites. So in this guide, we’ll show you how to replace “Uncategorized”….

Allow WooCommerce Users to Assign or Create Product Categories

We had a question from a user this week. They need help with WooCommerce and Product Categories: “I have set up a custom role for a Woocommerce product manager and it works perfectly except for the fact that the new role can not assign or set up product categories. Is this possible to do please?”…

Automatically Add WooCommerce Product Tags and Categories

If you have a busy WooCommerce site, it can be difficult to organize all your products. Fortunately, with TaxoPress, there is a way to automatically add Product Tags and Categories. The “Auto Terms” feature in TaxoPress can scan your WooCommerce products and automatically assign terms. For example, imagine you have a term called “WordPress”. Auto…