Automatically Create Tags for WordPress Posts with Video and Media

We had an interesting question from a TaxoPress user this week. They wanted to know if it was possible to automatically create tags for posts that contain videos and other media files.

Yes, this is possible, TaxoPress can be an automatic tag generator. In this guide, we’ll show you how it’s done.

Step #1. Find the keywords to trigger TaxoPress

The first step is to find the keywords you can use to trigger TaxoPress. These keywords must be included in your embed code if you want this process to work accurately every time.

In this example below, we have a Vimeo video embedded in a WordPress post:

Vimeo video in a WordPress post

If I click the “Edit as HTML” option for the block, this next image shows the result. This is the embed code for the video. We can use this code to trigger TaxoPress and add terms. There are several keywords we can use here, including “video”, “Vimeo”, and “embed”.

Editing the code for a Vimeo video in WordPress

Let’s take a look at an example from a YouTube video. There are several keywords we can use here, including “video”, “YouTube”, and “embed”.

Embed code for a Vimeo video in WordPress

Step #2. Add the keywords as Terms

The next task is to add your keywords as terms. In the image below, I’ve added both “Video” and “Vimeo” as WordPress Tags.

Adding video keywords as WordPress Tags

Step #3. Set up Auto Terms

Next, we’ll set up the Auto Terms feature that can scan your content and automatically assign terms.

  • Go to “TaxoPress” then “Auto Terms”.
  • Edit one of your Auto Terms.
  • Choose the “Taxonomy” that has the terms that you created in Step #2.
  • Choose the “Post Types” you want to run this process on.
Auto Terms settings in WordPress
  • Go to the “Sources” tab.
  • Make sure the “Existing taxonomy terms” box is checked.
  • Click “Save Auto Terms”.
Use Auto Terms to add existing taxonomy terms

Step #4. Test your new TaxoPress Configuration

You can now test the new configuration on your site. I’m going back to the example at the beginning of this guide. When I save this post, TaxoPress will automatically scan the content and add the “Vimeo” and “Video” terms to this post.

Automatic tags added from WordPress media

This example showed how to analyze posts and media files, but much more is possible with TaxoPress. For example, you can automatically add WooCommerce Product Tags and Categories. And if you have a lot of terms, here’s how to find the most popular Tags.

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